Extracurricular Work


It is true that my passion for design can only be matched by my passion for snowboarding. It was only natural to search for additional opportunities to work collaboratively on creative design projects outside of architecture school. For this reason it became my personal mission to use my experience with both to establish a strong graphic brand for TUSC (Temple University Snowboard Club). Over a two year period from the fall of 2008 to the spring of 2010, Helvetica Bold and a bright color pallet gave TUSC an easily recognizable face on campus. From flyers to stickers, clothing to web media, on snow events to video premieres, the club has secured its title in Philadelphia as well as the rest of the East Coast for being one of the gnarliest urban clubs of its kind. Inspired by familiar cultural references such as the famous “LOVE” sculpture, the Pabst Blue Ribbon logo, and even a well known Benjamin Franklin look-a-like, the approach for marketing TUSC can easily be found plastered all along the streets of Philadelphia. These graphic projects borrow from a more precise and detailed practice but tend to exhibit a playfulness and sense of sarcasm that keeps the work entertaining. As I share techniques between the two, this experience has taught me to design beyond the labels and understand that this line of work is about a personal process rather than a particular product. Whether it is architecture, graphic design, photography, film, or music, the composition is a direct result of the composer’s unique perspective which divorces itself these headings. The blurring of boundaries is the essence of this craft and will continue to be a conscious goal within my work.